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Integrated structure of motor and battery, electric limit switch to make installation more convenient. It can adjust the running speed of the door body, slow start and slow stop distance, and has the function of stopping or reversing when encountering resistance.
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BG3009-Servo Barrier Gate
Servo motor with planetary reducer, service life can reach to 10 million; Operation speed can be adjusted through programmer according to different boom length. In case of power failure, boom automatically lifted up or manually control by dip switch choice. Most use for high-way toll gate; unattended parking system, for places require centralized control and continuous operation, without stop.
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SL800AC/SL1000AC/SL1500AC/SL2000AC-AC Sliding Gate Opener
Sturdy and reliable, cost-effective, silence operation. Ideal solution for residential and industrial sliding gates use up to 2000 Kg. Mechatronics gate openers, built in control board, with multiple external security ports.
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INDUS100DC-Industrial Door Opener
Quiet、Low consumption、High torque high voltage DC motor, Digital interface interaction closed loop speed control system. Self-contained interface line, motor can be quick connected with control system in a Fool-Proof way. Only need to connect the power cable, it’ll realize the on-line working between the electrical and mechanical system. Setting menu for 19 parameters: to set language, speed, displacement, Auto-close time, height of partial opening, type of sensor, output state etc. System lock menu supports private password for safety. Motor can be locked after running specific times.
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SW400DC-Swing Gate Opener
New straight arm DC swing gate opener, magnetic limit switch, maximum gate weight to 400KG/leaf Control board with digital display, menu operation; Can be connected external access control, electric lock and other security equipment; Internal external battery port, rebound in case of meet obstacle.
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